The Company

For years, we’ve been focused on a singular mission—to protect and enhance life.

Bavarian celebrates the talent, drive, and innovation that have shaped our growth and continued vision to protect and enhance the lives of people around the world.

Bavarian has a growing diverse product portfolio, we always have faith in our know-how, our relationships, and most of all, ourselves. We have made bold decisions and key acquisitions to expand our portfolio, broaden our manufacturing capabilities, and secure new and innovative technologies.

We strive for commitment in protecting and enhancing life, delivering high-quality products, and contributing to local communities.

As we forge ahead, we aim to be recognized worldwide as the go-to organization for medical products. Our strategy is to target these opportunities, bringing value to our employees, customers and patients worldwide.


At Bavarian our mission is clear.  We care deeply about making a difference and we are passionate about our commitment to patients, our employees, the environment and the communities where we live and work. The foundation for these commitments is reflected in our approach to corporate social responsibility an approach that we believe provides real benefit for our business and the world.

Our employees care deeply and believe in the work we do. We come to work every day knowing that thousands of people worldwide count on Bavarian that our product will make a meaningful difference in their lives.

We work to have an impact beyond our medicines as we strive to improve patient health outcomes, solve social and environmental challenges, cultivate a workplace that enables our employees to thrive, support local communities, and inspire future generations of scientists. This is central to our mission and vital to our growth.


Bavarian technology and engineering capabilities create innovative ways to seamlessly transition products from development to manufacturing with the intent of bringing our highquality medicines to market faster.

We respect the contributions of health care providers caring for people. We honor the important role of caregivers, families, and friends who care about them. Bavarian is committed to working with advocacy and patient organizations as they serve the communities they represent.


Our focus, our deep scientific expertise, and our courage to take appropriate risks make us leaders in the research and development of medicines to transform our products to benefit society.


Our impact on the environment factors significantly into how we view our goals of improving the lives of patients and operating as a responsible and sustainable company. We carefully manage the way we use resources, striving to reduce, mitigate, and, in the case of carbon emissions, neutralize our footprint wherever possible.


We empower our people to build rewarding careers and foster a culture of learning that pushes them to take the initiative and seek out growth opportunities. We value and support our people managers so they can effectively lead their teams. We are especially proud of our efforts to promote a diverse and inclusive workplace and to advance women in leadership roles.


We are happy to discuss supplying our products to potential licensed wholesalers looking to purchase our quality products in bulk.

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